Space Antenna Mesh for Large Deployable Reflector Antennas

TEC-KNIT is developing and producing state-of-art and advanced fabrics for space technology, processing finest metal wires from gold plated molybdenum or wolfram. 

Flight Proven Mesh Technology

TEC-KNIT has been the supplier of deployable reflector mesh for several Israelic satellites since 2007, for projects such as the TecSAR and Ofeq program (latest launch of Ofeq-13 in spring 2023). Satellites like these work in X-band frequency range.


With increasing frequency band width of antennas, requirements to antenna mesh are increasing as well. Therefore, TEC-KNIT received funding from European Space Agency to develop an advanced deployable antenna mesh fabric for higher radio frequencies up to Ka-band. Find a selection of available products below.

(> 36 GHz)

(< 28 GHz)

(< 12 GHz)

How TEC-KNIT is testing

All deployable mesh materials are tested for critical properties in internal laboratory and with external partners.



  • Mechanical properties (e.g. tensile strength and elasticity)
  • RF properties (e.g. reflectivity loss at specific incidence angles)
  • Properties regarding passive intermodulation (PIM)


Antenna test range at ESTEC (ESA)

Production capabilities

TEC-KNIT has metal fine wire production in two shifts. Six full size warp knitting machines are available in separate production facility with current production width up to 3.3 m. 


  • Materials: Gold plated Molybdenum or Wolfram
  • Wire diameters: 20 µm to 45 µm
  • Production width: Up to 3 m
  • Production density: From 5.5 wires/cm up to 16 wires/cm